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Package for our pattern maker

We’ve pulled all the pieces to send off The Cadenza set rough pattern and sample fabrics to our pattern maker today. Its exhilarating seeing something go from an idea to an actual garment. Can’t want to get our hands on the sample to share with you.

fabric selection for this ouji vest and pant set in regimental stripe

The design for this set was our first concept from a few years ago. It tips its hat to a few different historical relatives but is made simpler to be easy going for today’s modern prince. The pants will feature elastic in the back for a comfortable fit. The gilet vest will be lined and have pockets, cause we know you need a place to keep your phone handy for selfies at the tea party. We love a good strong regimental stripe and couldn’t resist this in a handsome navy. The pants will be a solid navy with just a pop of the braid trim. The vest will be outlined in the braid so as not to distract too much from the stripes. (more…)

How to coordinate The Royal Order tricorn

With this tricorn we wanted something more kodona, more youthful and sweet style. With such a bright red color for the base it needed to be fun but at the same time have elegance. The gold and ivory details help create that balance. The theme of Wonderland is carried throughout with the White Rabbit badge, pocket watch buttons, and roses in white and red.

Angelic Pretty and Innocent World ouji coordinate ideas

To style this tricorn we suggest going for it and continuing the red theme with bright accessories like red boots or a red salopette. Or you can make it the statement piece in your coordinate by playing the rest of the look down with softer colors like an ivory blouse and blue pants. Accessories with royal themes will ensure that everyone at the tea party knows you are a VIP – very impressive prince.

The Royal Order Tricorn

Are you familiar with Tamao? We adore their colorful embroidery work. For fun we set out to create a tricorn using one of their charming badges. Another of our all-time favorites is Alice in Wonderland. To put it all together, we pulled out gold elegant lace, a few satin roses and a dash of vintage kimono silk. Mix in a bright red wool base and we present to you The Royal Order ouji tricon. Its amazing how little details can be so inspiring to work with.

Look for this tricorn to be posted to our online store in the near future.

The Details:

red wool with ivory lace and white rabbit badge

A bold color has been tamed with the elegance of gold and ivory trims. (more…)

New items in the works

We’re super busy over here preparing for some big news. But have to keep that a secret a little bit longer. Until then here is a glimpse at one of our latest jabot ties. Its made to coordinate with a new tricorn, The Reflected Moonlight.

ouji tricorn and jabot in black and silver

We’ve also started up our official Instagram account. We would love it if you would give us a follow.

How to coordinate The Coachman tricorn

When we stumbled upon this English, metallic, embroidered patch we knew we had to build a tricorn around it. The colors are perfectly suited to match with many regimental stripe pieces from popular brands like Angelic Pretty, Jane Marple, and Alice and the Pirates. A true classic in navy, red and gold.

Angelic Pretty ouji inspired coordinate ideas

Think crowns, stripes, ribbons, tassels, buttons… pretty much if it has any of those and navy and red you are in good shape coordinating this tricorn. Historically tricorns were worn in different styles by both men and women. Why not try one with a JSK to top off a sweet or classic lolita look.

The Coachman Tricorn

One must be clothed richly to appear before the court. As a member of the royal retinue you brandish yourself with the most mannered yet theatrical attire. Topping it all with a flourish of feathers.

Our next ouji tricorn was designed more for the court than the king. The design takes its lead from an English medallion. The bright, royal blue, wool hat base is made more extravagant trimmed in gold braid and bright red pleats. Masculine buttons top rich ribbons to adorn the side and back of this lush hat. Hints of blue repeat in the iridescence of the feathers.

The Details:

front view of the coachman tricorn in navy blue wool

As seen from the front. (more…)

How to coordinate The Fraternitati tricorn

When making The Fraternitati tricorn we most definitely had Atelier Boz and Alice and the Pirates in mind. With its black on black base and hints of gold it is very versatile to style with many items you might already have in your wardrobe. The concept was to create a stately elegance but maintain a majestic simplicity.

Atelier Boz and Alice and the Pirates coordinates ideas

The drama of a long sweeping cape or vest trimmed with touches of gold would match perfectly with the flourish of this tricorn hat. Smart looking gloves, a lacy black jabot, and a sensational ring from Automatic Honey create continuity by matching the layers of lace, ribbons and flowers.

How would you coordinate it?
Let us know.


The Fraternitati Tricorn

The black of our crest conceals mysteries as opaque as the depth of night. Your stature in our midst shines intense, bright as gold. Never shale you forget that your membership in this society accords you rites experienced by no other.

We present the second of our handmade, original tricorns – The Fraternitati. This black 100% wool hat was designed with a darker story in mind. The black trim braided with threads of gold creates drama against the solid base. Lace, ribbon, flowers and feathers all in black make this tricorn easy to coordinate with countless pieces from Atelier Boz, Alice and the Pirates and many more lolita/ouji brands. Each side is finished with an elegant button featuring a crest reminiscent of royalty.

The Details:

ouji tricorn with black and gold details on black wool base

Front view as would be seen when worn. (more…)

How to coordinate The Garden at Dusk tricorn

The concept for The Garden at Dusk was to bring more classic lolita elegance to boy style. The colors needed to be a tad more muted while not losing the refinement of delicate laces and romantic flowers. Here are just a few suggestions of lolita and ouji/kodona brand items we think would match nicely with this tricorn.

Metamorphose and Juliette et Justine coordinate ideas

A flowy ivory blouse from Juliette et Justine harmonizes with the decorative lace and flowers adorning the tricorn. Short pants, from either Metamorphose or Alice and the Pirates, with braces in a matching tan color ground the look and give the coordinate a relaxed feeling. Accents such as tall boots or a rosette in dusty rose help bring the features from the hat throughout the rest of the outfit.

What would you style it with?
Let us know.

The Garden at Dusk Tricorn

Picture yourself lounging in the garden of a fine country manor. Reading a book with wine glass close at hand as the sun begins to set. The day transitions to night and the world is a glow as the sky fills with shades of dusty pink and gold.

This is a one of a kind, original, handmade tricorn. The base is 100% wool in a supple tan color. The design concept was aimed towards classic lolita but with a kodona, or boy style, look in mind. The lace that adorns the brim of the hat is anything but simple. With variegated shades of ivory and gold it adds extra refinement. Flowers in hues of soft rose and ivory provide a gentle pop of color. The Garden at Dusk can easily be styled into both men’s and women’s EGA and EGL coordinates.

Look for this tricorn to be posted to our online store in the near future.

The Details:

elegant tricorn with delicate flowers in rose and ivory

View of the focal point – the silk and ribbon rosette. (more…)

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